Nerveli Animation 2022 – Painwise Prototype
UX Designer/Animator: Paola Bazan
During my fall semester (Fall 2021) with the University of Texas at Dallas I got picked from one of my classes to be part of an app design project for a company. Above is what I and a team of about 7 other students have created during our spring semester (Spring 2022).
Our goal was to design a pain management app that can lead users to a better understanding of what pain they may be experiencing. Using their shared data, the app's goal is to give them an educated solution from research and doctors on how to deal with the pain that they are going through.
This project was student-led with critiques from our professor and marketing lead. 
We designed the app from scratch and helped plan the UX part of the app involving the guest's journey.
Nerveli – Animated Avatar For Application
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