Stay With Me

Capstone Senior Project 2022: Stay With Me
Designer: Paola Bazan
“Stay With Me” is a minute-long motion graphics video that illustrates different types of media that resemble the 80s Japanese City Pop aesthetic. While giving the viewers an appealing portrayal of the infamous 80s City Pop song “Stay With Me” by Miki Matsubara, it presents a sense of nostalgia for people who either grew up in this era or are familiar with it. The goal of this project was to create a video that highlights 80s retro content while applying a unique medium of the Japanese 80s City Pop aesthetic that tends to get overlooked within the U.S. media. My personal and creative goals were to experiment with different effects/plugins that I haven’t had the chance to show to others. The programs I used to create the video included Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.
Duration of Project: 
The project in total took me 5 months to produce from January 2022 to May 2022. I started with this schedule, then I changed it according to the issues I was having along the way. However, despite the setbacks, I was able to finish the video within the deadline that I was assigned by the advisor. 
Inspiration Board

1. Created all of my illustrations within After Effects
2. Apply effects and plug-ins to the illustrations by doing this
3, Have a total of 9 scenes that all require illustrations
4. Deleting one scene from the drafts, but I edited the video to be smaller
5. Most of the components within each file were created within one pre-comp with the exception of the tunnel. 
Behind The Scenes:
The section below was the most complicated to work with. I not only had to figure out how to create pixelization within after effects, but I also had to match the colors to coordinate with shadows and highlights. I made all the illustrations within After Effects. I was able to create components that gave the retro video Gameboy had in its infamous era of the 80s.
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